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This new Ghost video was made by us and is amazing. There is a back story, but first watch the video and give it a “like” and a “Share” please.


20131006_144224We had to keep all the facts confidential until the day of the event. To announce the release of American Horror Story’s second season “Asylum” in Blu-ray, Fox Home Entertainment rented the Linda Vista Community Hospital. Most of you know this is one of the top hot spots for paranormal activity and there are no tours.

Part of the script Fox was doing for this party included a known blogger being accosted by large orderlies at the direction of an evil nun. The blogger would be put in a straightjacket and dragged off kicking and screaming.

Some of you may know our member Coexist? He is better known on Twitter as @FantasySci where he has 75,000 followers. Although he is a paranormal believer, he has no fear of spirits. The perfect person to get some footage in areas closed off to the guests.

20131006_205958There were some problems. @FantasySci had walked around the closed areas earlier to get a basic understanding of what he wanted to film, but wanted to wait to film until the witching hour of 3 AM to 4. When he started to film the professional HD video recorder mysteriously drained of power instantly. The backup battery also drained before his eyes. Without a video camera, he had to use his cell phone and a backup pocket camera to get footage. For lighting he was dragging around a 30 pound spot light (you can hear him winded). Way to improve! However the video is understandably wobbly and with the power draining, he was running down halls to get all the areas he wanted before he lost light.

As of now, the video has not been closely examined for anomalies and EVPs. Please help out by checking it out and posting what you see.

He did say there were 2 things he saw.

1)      When he did his first inspection, the elevator doors were closed. When he walked by the second time, one elevator door was open. That section of the building has not had power for 20 years and the elevators could not operate.

2)      Next to the basement crematorium, there is a long hallway leading to holding rooms. This area was closed off, but he got in. He spotted shadows moving around in the far rooms down that hallway. Also a Guest was interviewed for TV  that when she walked past that hallway she saw “something run past”. Just a coincidence that 2 spottings happened in the same area?

Please like and share this video around. It is our way of thanking Fox Home Entertainment for letting us be part of this very special event.

The hashtags for the night were #Asylumsleepover #AHS #AHSFX #AHSAsylum


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  • This seems to be ‘my theme’ this week — asylums and hospitals — I responded to a post on Facebook from someone who expressed surprise that he gets the LEAST paranormal activity at cemeteries. I reminded him, informed him, that EVPs and residual hauntings, etc. are usually WHERE the deceased left the most energy — like in hospitals, asylums, and homes of domestic violence. (I would NOT want to enter the home where my mother-in-law was stabbed to death, for instance!)

    Linda Vista Hospital is a classic example, which makes me wonder about the administration and; level of cruelty and neglect that might have taken place there.

  • silver1971 says:

    And what Hospital are different? in any hospital money are treat not peoples, hospital charge more and more and quality less and less, sure Doctors and nurses won be millioner in short times, peoples? who care?

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