Is the U.S. Capitol HAUNTED?

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The United States Capital building which is reported as reputedly “Haunted” as of 2012, is the meeting place of the U.S. Congress and located atop “Capitol Hill” in the predominant city of Washington D.C.. It is reported haunted because of untimely deaths and murders that happened over the years inside the Capitol building. There has been many tales of ghostly specters over the years, some from very influential visitors.



The enormous Capitol building is known for its spectacular dome above a rotunda. There are two distinct wings within this influential like structure. Each wing houses the chambers of Congress. The north wing is our federal government’s Senate chamber.  Whereas the south wing, is the House of Representatives chamber. There are galleries located above each of these important chambers,. This enables visitors to view both the Senate and House of Representatives in action.


Stories are told, of at least 12 or more spirits that roam its corridors and the rotunda area. The strange haunted tales range from sightings of deceased representatives from both chambers of government, the House and the Senate. Certain other government officials and officers who served during the revolutionary War , plus a very strange black cat that makes its debut just before a national tragedy. Also, many sightings of workers , whom have come back to finish their jobs, has been reported.


Lists of reported sightings of ghostly specters within the Capitol building.

Ghosts of construction or maintenance workers:

  • A custodian who died while working there. He has been witnessed, still cleaning the building.
  • A worker who had fallen during construction of the rotunda, who now occasionally floats with his tools in hand, within the massive domed room.
  • A stonemason also has been sighted. He had died a horrible death, crushed beneath a stone wall that collapsed.


Ghosts of politicians seen roaming the halls or sitting in rooms:

  • Representative Wilbur Mills has been seen in his old office.
  • Thomas Hart Benton (Senator from 1852-1854) Sits at a desk.
  • Representative Joseph Cannon (served the House from 1903-1911) Heard still debating.
  • Representative Champ Clark (served the House from 1911-1919) Heard still debating.
  • Representative William P. Taulbee (congressman from 1884-1888) Murdered by a journalist. His blood is still seen on the stairs.
  • James A. Garfield (Served as House then President from 1863 to 1881) Murdered by a disgruntled office seeker. Seen walking sadly through the halls of Congress.
  • John Quincy Adams suffered a stroke at his desk in the House chamber & died in the capitol in 1848. He has been heard denouncing slavery late at night in National Statuary Hall and other stately sightings.
  • Pierre Charles L’Enfant, was not a politician. He was a Major during the American Revolutionary War. He died of sadness and poverty after his plans he submitted for the “New Capitol City” was denied. He received no payment for his efforts. He is seen walking the Capitol talking to himself, holding his rejected city plans.


Some unique and odd, ghostly sightings in the Capitol:

  • A specter of an American Revolutionary War soldier
  • Two unknown soldiers have been seen.
  • A World War I dough-boy. He has been seen in the Rotunda.
  • Then there’s the famous “demon black cat” who supposedly makes his appearances just before an impending national tragedy.
  • There has even been strange reports of statues seen dancing a ghostly minuet in the circular room of the capitol.


Think the Capitol and the ghostly history is scary enough? Well here is more to add to the fear factor associated with D.C. Many other buildings also have also been reported as haunted in Washington D.C., including the White House.


If you plan to visit the Capitol building, you may want to keep a close watch for anything or anyone out of the ordinary that may appear as a ghostly specter.


Maybe if you visit the Capitol, you will see the late, James A. Garfield sadly in attendance or walking the halls.


Either way, please enjoy your visit to Washington D.C.



By Billie Peel

Billie is an expert analyst of captured paranormal audio recordings offering her services to several paranormal investigating teams and guests on T.V. for the R.I.P Files.  She has authored several books and has put out a CD with a collection of spirit voices. You can find out more about Billie at


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