It has been said, “If you are looking for something and can’t find it, then you should build one for others.” There is no shortage of sites on the web concerning the paranormal. However almost all of them (whether it be psychics, UFOs, alternative health, or paranormal investigators) are all either local geographic groups or someone doing the site only to promote themselves and are normally limited in subject matter. There is nothing wrong with this but it is not as inviting to others who simply wanted more unbiased information or have a conversation without the possible motives, restriction or limited directions of the site owners.

Our intent is to create a free flowing and freethinking venue for you. Whether you have information to share, discussions you would like to debate, or are looking for unbiased information on the paranormal this will be your place to go. The membership will lead the direction of the forum and association. As long as within the forum rules, the staff will not restrict opinions of the membership. We welcome the interaction from those in different fields crossing over in discussions. For example, a ghost investigator or psychic could have diverse input to an alien abduction report.

Our “Association” side of the main site is always looking for articles of interest. The articles are to be informative rather than self expressions and can be on anything paranormal. If you are interested please contact a staff member.

Please feel free to make this your second home and check back often to see responses and new posts.

For all the staff and people who have worked so hard to make this possible.


Paranormal Association